Bath Night

Our boys are presently coming to terms with the possibility of a new edition, approximately three to four months old. For me, this is a new experience as all the strays I have previously taken in were adult. It was a relief to find that this new fellow, Pepper, is already litter box trained.

When you want cats to become friends, they need to smell the same. We have used a pure pet soap and it has successfully stopped all flea problems so that we no longer have to treat the cats for flea seasons.When Marmaduke was alive, the boys always play fought for space in front of the fire. One didn't have to hunt through the house to find any of them as they were inseperable.
In the photo above, there is a two pound bucket of water. We have a number of these through the house as cats prefer to graze on water as they do on food in the wild. We find they use the water next to food less than water left at other spots where congregation occurs. They are far more comfortable drinking from water at the height it is in the buckets.