We had seen Yoda follow her family on walks with the dog, trotting along a couple of feet behind, for the two years the family was living in our area, and such devotion won our hearts, as did her plight when they left her behind.

Yoda only lived with us for a short period, when she had been abandonned after her family split up. They were leaving food out for her while they looked for a home, and came to us for help finding a place for her to live. We noticed that the crows were terrorizing her when she tried to eat her food, and the same old story of food being stolen by wildlife, and felines having to hide from coyotes using the area as a thoroughfare caused us to take action by blanketing the city with notices one day. When we arrived home, Yoda's fairy tale began.

Now, Yoda is queen, and she is loved, years later. The picture shows her on her 'throne' in her palace.

February 2011 - Yoda moved back in with us last September and now has her own page.