The Games 1

We couldn't move into our new home without instructing the contractors who are PowerSmarting our home to install a door with an internal blind, (between two panes of glass), so that our cats have a permanent view on the most active side of our home. We didn't have southern exposure before, and the cats love the move to this house for the window in the door alone. Mind you, they aren't so thrilled with the increase in coyote population at this location.........wait till they get to meet the local bear. It hasn't been hard to turn our boys into indoor only cats.When the sun isn't out, the squirrel who owns our house comes knocking on the window looking for food, and is well aware that the cats can't reach her. The previous owner of this home used to let her come indoors to eat, and we have trouble with her if we so much as open a window, as she is very adept at travelling vertically and horizontally on stucco.

In the photo to the left, Max is in the middle of his chemo, at a time when his manner indicated he was in pain, so he is wearing a fentanyl patch. He is trying to catch some sun, and while he goes through chemo, we are not sure if he is going to beat the odds again, so he is treated as a 'privileged' boy in the house and gets to soak in the sun before the others. Hamlet can be seen here in his, "is she watching?," pose as he contemplates pushing Max out of the sun to 'hog' it for himself. As you may notice, here, the rugs need daily vacuuming as the surface of the rug changes to a mottled grey/black/brown/white surface with the constant horizontal traffic.

This licking, to the right, is a common occurance in our home, and the practice is passed from one cat to another. It can mean affection if the licking gets no response as in this photo where mutual preaning happens after bathtime.In this case, Hamlet is showing appreciation with his manner.

However, in this photo to the left, Hamlet is seen bending his head in a manner consistant with getting ready to 'brawl' by reaching toward Max's throat in a slow and gentle manouver.

Sometimes this game is a brief 'roll on the carpet' and sometimes, (the times we prefer), Max and Hamlet actually get into some good old cardiovascular exercise.

December 3, 2006
This morning I had a great example of the interaction between Legolas and Thumper, but unfortunately it is hard to find scenes that are still long enough to photograph.

Legolas sits at his door and howls to attract attention. If that doesn't work, on occasion , he makes a bigger racket by clamoring up the wire door to the top, bellowing, and then clamoring back down, but that wasn't necessary this morning.
While I was making lunches, Thumper started galloping through the house, from the back door to Legolas's door, repeatedly, as he was the one trying to entice Legolas to his door. He did this several times and then got a big surprise as Hamlet jumped out of the tunnel, (shown at the top of this page), and bopped Thumper on the nose as he passed.
The activity level around here always increases noticably before feline meals.

October 4, 2007

The activity level has increased around here even more as we have a new introduction, Pepper, who is a fearless kitten with boundless energy. He has even challenged Legolas to the wire climb, and managed to make it nearly as high as Legolas. It is a little strange to see a cat on either side of the wire at the same time. Hopefully our sedentary household will drop a few pounds, now. Pepper has become Thumper's new shadow and now 'the games' are between the two of them, as can be seen on Pepper's new page, (click on hypertext).