The Great Squirrel Hunt

At left is Hamlet, basking in the sun, hunting squirrels, (see through window), as only Hamlet can.

Legolas loves his morning routine that starts with terrorizing the squirrels who were fed inside the house by the previous owner, and who are holding us ransome by stealing all our bulbs unless we provide breakfast.

And everyone's favorite toy is here:

This long tunnel we have, made from an old weedeater box, provides hours of entertainment, and/or cover. Unfortunately it is hard to photograph cats blasting through the tunnel on impulse, and spinning out when they hit the hardwood floor -- just for the fun of it.

December 4, 2006

This morning - Max, waiting for prey, and then preparing to pounce on a victim. His diaper was hung up at the other end of the box, and needless to say, "pounce" was a fantasy as his back legs would not be cooperating. His aim is to show that paralysis does not end quality of life for animals, any more than it does for humans.