Poor dear Kayla. She was with us for so short a time, but left an impact, none the less. We had noticed her in the SPCA cage at a pet store, several times after losing Marmaduke, in 2003, and friends thought we would make a good home for her. When we brought her home, she seemed to be suffering from her time in the small cage in that her limbs didn't want to move properly from lack of strength. The basic once over by the vet showed no illness. A couple of days later, we took her back and had more tests run. By the time we discovered that she did indeed have a serious problem that was not related to her stay in the cage, it was too late to save her beautiful little life. After emergency surgery and at least pain medications for comfort, she died the next day, (May 31, 2003), of septic peritonitis.

The boys hadn't known what to do with a girl. ;-(