Snuffles had been staying with relatives for years, as DH didn't have a home to keep her. I have asthma, so having a pet was out of the question at the time.

We ended up taking Snuffles in when she wasn't doing so well at the other home, in 1997. As a lover of animals, I agreed to find a way to cope in order to provide her with comfort. 'Coping' consisted of taking up outdoor activities, and using meds when the weather was inclement.

Snuffles had a hard life, and was with us for only a few months when it was discovered she had untreatable cancer. She was a good girl who never hurt a fly, and didn't bat an eyelash, (well maybe just one), when we let Hamlet into the house for repairs in July of 1998. Hamlet grew to love her dearly and missed her terribly when she died in early January of 1999.